Semi-Private Training 2-8 Players



Both methods of training are valuable to the developing player, but player ultimately determines success!


Semi Private Training (60 MINUTES) 7 AND UP

Semi private lessons consist of 2-8 players. They provide a great way to introduce players to and intense workout geared towards creating the foundation of basketball fundamentals in a group setting. In addition to skills offered in private lessons, players learn the importance of communication, peer interaction, teamwork and competition. Our clients are paired with players of similar skills and abilities. Semi private lesson are a great way to share the cost, learn with a peer or sibling which can make practice more enjoyable. Semi-Private Lessons are a great way to get started but the time will come when students will benefit more from private lessons to improve their individual technique.

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10 Semi-Private Sessions $350, 5 Semi-Private Sessions $200, 1 Semi-Private Session $45


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